Christian Brothers Academy

Lincroft, NJ

Pegasus Alumni Celebration, And Then There Were None Show

Gather with Pegasus Alumni to celebrate our recent success, and watch this year’s drama.

Date and time

Saturday, November 18th, 2023

9:00 pm – 11:59 pm EST

Marcos Orozco, Pegasus Director

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Martin Teevan (Alumni ’87)

3 months ago

In memory of Martin O. Teevan, Sr.
Long time benefactor of CBA and father of 3 Colts: Martin '87, Chris '95, and Michael '97
Josh Ferro (Alumni ’20)

3 months ago

I support CBA because I support Pegasus and have since my days as a student a few years back!
Edward Nowak (Alumni ’17)

3 months ago

In honor of Br. Peter Lagonowicz
Andrew Stadelberger (Alumni ’04)

4 months ago

Hoping all of the characters make it out of And Then There Were None safe and sound.
Koury Gilmartin (Alumni ’17)

3 months ago

Making us proud! B)
Brady Hanney (Alumni ’20)

3 months ago

Let’s go!
Hanah Koch (Alumni ’20)

4 months ago

I enjoy participating in anyway I can

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Christian Brothers Academy
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